lets say you have feelings for your best girl friend, k? k. and you really like her but don't tell her.. what would you do if someone else came along and stole her attention? would you just let it happen or would you try to get her back? sorry man i just need a little advice.. i feel like you are wise enough to help and not judge. hopefully you know where i'm coming from. you seem pretty legit.

If it were me in your position, yeah I’d try and get her back. It’s not everyday you find someone you really like and her knowing that will at least let her think. Personally, when I tell a girl I like her I refuse to ask her out on a date right then and there. Especially if it’s a friend. At the same time you have to consider her feels as well because when you do tell her you have to believe that she’ll choose you over the other guy. It’s just a matter of confidence.

1 year ago